eV Race Systems
eV Race Systems
We believe the future of motorsport is electric and the future of the fan experience is completely immersive.

We are the future of motorsport, innovation and the immersive race experience.


This is electric.
This is immersive.
This is revolutionary. 
This is the future of motorsport.
And this is the company
that powers it.

We are eV RACE SYSTEMS®.  
The motorsports reVolution starts here.

Climb inside and feel the undeniable rush of
Rallycross powered by our state-of-the-art
racecars engineered to deliver a next-level
360-degree in-your-face experience.

The perfect balance of science,
engineering and data.

Our leaner and cleaner take on auto racing
keeps the carbon footprint and emissions
at zero, while elevating the fan, driver and
partner experience to new heights.

You don’t just watch eV RALLYCROSS®.

You experience it.

Welcome to the Future.